Use social media to promote the benefits of helmets

Helmets are essential for protecting your head from injury especially during an accident. In some countries, it is a must-have clothing while riding a motorcycle or when within a construction site or when within the premises of a factory. In as much it is a safety regulation; you can opt to sensitize the public on this benefit through social media. It will give the content a professional angle, which of course enhances the uptake of the information.

How to use social media in promoting the benefits of helmets

The major social media platforms include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube among others. All these have a specific audience; although, social media enthusiasts will have accounts in each social media site. The type of content determines the social media platform of choice. For example, if you want your audience to have a practical outlook of the positive and negative impact of not having a helmet, you can film a drill of a motorcyclist without a helmet and show the impact on the head in comparison with one who has one. Action speaks louder than words. YouTube supports audio and visual content; it is the best option for films and videos. The only disadvantage, some of the versions do not support downloads. A user can only share which enhances awareness of the information.

Facebook, for instance, is used for both formal and informal communication. You need to link a blog post on the benefits of a motorcycle, or share a video link, or just a simple post of correct usage of helmets; then it is the best option. You have control over the kind of content on your page, group or profile at the same time you have real-time social interaction with your audience. They ask questions, you reply to their concerns and provide valuable advice. You need you have a wealth of information to suit the demand of different cultures, races and backgrounds. On a positive angle, your followers could also be your teacher, although you may not have authenticity of the information.

You want to advertise of the upcoming event on creating awareness of helmets. You can use various marketing strategies and involve social media in dissemination of the information. Some of the marketing automation software is integrated with social media to support Email and content marketing.

Social media gives both a social and professional angle of the information. You want to inform your friends, relatives and followers on events, expos, festivals on helmets it is the best digital solution. As a company or a government institution; you need to have a full time social media manager to provide valuable information when required. Remember a simple mistake can turn it to be a viral post which can give a bad reputation of the company. Time and efficiency are key parameters in the correct use of social media as a marketing tool. It provides a diverse audience as well as a passive marketing solution. The fact that many digital tools incorporate social media gives it an added advantage on informal angle of marketing and content delivery.

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