Software application for medical alert system

The health institution involves different services integrated into one system which require an application that helps to manage its operations to improve service delivery. There are cases where you have to deal with emergencies and the faster the delivery of service the fewer the fatalities. What is the role of a medical alert system? Look at a patient who visits a hospital for the first time, he needs to visit the customer service desk to get the personal details and simple diagnosis to determine the next department to visit in the medical institution. The next stop is the doctor’s office, remember the doctor needs to alert the laboratory technologist in case there are tests to be run on the patient. Based on the results, he may need to alert the nurse in charge of the ward or a theater, whichever the case to prepare a room and a bed together with medicines for the patient. The last stop is always the pharmacy. All these functions are only possible when the institution invests in a medical alert application for real-time notification to the departments.

Look at Lifealert analysis:, for example, it is a very helpful app with a simple and user-friendly interface with all departments integrated for efficient service delivery with mobile guardian:

 Advantages of Lifealert analysis

  • Allows the management to monitor the delivery of service; once a patient is cleared in a department, they can always view the time was taken and possible device effective ways of reducing the time to accommodate modernity busy lifestyle.
  • Improves service delivery, a patient will just sit and use the screen to track his ticket number and move to the right room for treatment.
  • The procurement department does not have to manually do a stock take for delivery of medical supplies, instead a notification pops up on their computers to notify them on medical supplies which are due in specific departments.
  • It stores data for all patients and returns patients benefit from close monitoring because all the medical history of the previous visit is stored. It helps a doctor in diagnosis, treatment and referral plans.
  • In just a press of a button, a patient can call for the assistance of any medical professional in case of emergencies; this reduces fatalities.
  • The alert system is integrated with mobile phone device such that doctors can always receive an alert for emergency calls.

Disadvantages of life alert analysis

  • It needs a high level of computer literacy to operate it; the management requires time to train their employees on its functionality.
  • In case the system is hacked – when there are weak proxy settings to access the server, it may lead to fraud and huge financial losses.
  • There is no guarantee of the safety of patients’ records which should be private and confidential because they are stored in a cloud.

A medical alert system is a digital technology to offer support in a medical institution for improving the efficiency and effectiveness of medical service delivery. Use online reviews to ensure you purchase an application whose authenticity, functionality and usability are tested and proven to avoid errors – it can lead to unending court battles.



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