Four top coffee shops applications

The world of technology makes work easier in various fields. In the restaurant industry, software developers have designed various applications to help in navigation and location of specific coffee shops with just a click of a button. It is a great marketing tool, especially when the search engines are able to place your coffee shops among the top searched simply because chances of them being the most visited are very high. The use of this application is even better because of the invention of internet connection in both iPhone and Android-powered smartphones and laptops. The world giant coffee shops use the platform to display their services, locations, and other informative content. Here are some of the four top most renowned coffee applications

Starbucks App

Starbucks, the famous world coffee shop have an intuitive application where you can get the menu, services and physical location details of all the outlets. In addition, the free software program contains nutritive information for all its servings to guide you on calorie content you consume. Apart from that, they have an online reward scheme where you earn and accumulate points, which you can redeem at various outlets free of charge. Furthermore, you can pay for your services using their online payment system integrated into the interface.

New York: coffee guide

When you are around New York City and have no idea of the best coffee shop, New York: Coffee guide comes in handy and you can make your favorite coffee brewed fresh. You can check out more coffee maker equipment here at The team at Pound. It helps you locate physical addresses and telephone contacts together with vital information of each of the coffee shops. Although the free application does not give finer details, all it provides is the location of restaurants, which have free WI-FI connectivity, a great service most coffee lovers look for in a coffee shop. Another unique feature about the application; is a great search engine function to give you search results of coffee shops from your position.


At one point in time, you would love to sample other coffee shops apart from the giant ones. In just $1.99, you can purchase this app for you to view over 7200 coffee shops within Canada, UK, and the US. It is an ideal application for a coffee adventurer and a visitor in any of the cities covered in the App.

Coffee Buzz

This is a different type of coffee App because apart from just giving you options of various coffee shops within your locality, it also has a social platform where you are able to check in and make comments for your friends to see the exact location of the coffee shop, where you are having fun while enjoying your coffee.

Coffee applications come in different forms some are free versions while others are subscribed software programs. If you are a loyal customer to a specific coffee shop, installing their application will be of great benefit; but if you just need a coffee shop within your reach; a universal app should offer you the same service. Compatibility to your gadget is also a factor to consider when purchasing a coffee shop app.


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